Photo does optimism help to cure ills?

Does optimism help to cure ills?

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said, "Whatever the equation is that you have created, please include yourself in it, because without you, without your heart, without peace in your life, there can never be peace in the world." In fact, this word of peace conveys the message that it is essential to be optimistic that as long as we long for peace, world peace is maintained.

Does this mean that it is essential to be optimistic to achieve peace?

Does optimism cure the ill?

Life nowadays is often characterized by adversities and worries. Despite our efforts to improve our life it is sometimes disheartening to see the obstacles created by the enemies who are waiting to see the others' failure. Even so, it is important to keep an optimistic view of life for many reasons.

Optimism gives hope

Optimism endows us with a positive vision of life; thanks to optimism, we can think of nothing else but success or victory. Optimism guarantees hope for any individual: 

  • Hope for success
  • Hope for victory over the enemy
  • Hope for a peaceful solution to problems
  • Hope to be cured from illnesses
  • Hope that sufferings will end
  • Hope to be free from slavery and oppression

Optimism guarantees freedom from public criticism and insults

Full of hope, it is possible to keep our mind in the ultimate goal which is perfect enlightenment. As a result, our mind will remain untouchable by criticism and insults from our enemies for our endurance in our journey for the quest of the realm of peace. Before attaining inner peace, optimism helped cure our broken heart if we used to spend long hours crying because of the public criticism inflicted on us.

Optimism believe that optimism will attract fortunes and success to them. It empowers any individual to become resistant to further offenses and sufferings, so that they do not feel hurt at all. Thus, it can be said that optimism creates mind power to control our emotions and avoid conflicts despite the aggressors.

Pessimism tarnishes good health

Pessimistic people are often ill because they usually feel negative. If we take a look at those who often complain around us, it can be said that negativity fills their words with complaints and curse, which take away mind tranquility. It is true that bliss and good health have run away from them. They are quite often sick and diseased. They are unable to control their emotions and become pessimistic in life.

Optimism ensures good health

On the contrary, optimistic people hold fast to their faith and remain in silence, for they trust in the Supreme Being who will fight for them. Their mind is totally at peace, their heart is usually joyful and grateful, and they never worry about anything even if they are faced with life adversities. Such optimism ensures good health and cures any ills in the body.

Optimism cures relationship

Optimism is a positive attitude because it saves people from criticizing the others despite their weaknesses. Positive people avoid spending time finding faults at the others. Instead, they invest their efforts in bettering their lives and the lives of their surroundings.

They welcome those who want to cure the society from bad mindset with open arms. Optimistic people opt for the possibility to dissolve social disagreement through peaceful resolutions. They avoid blindly complaining and accusing the others for their imperfection.

To cure ills, they hope for improvement while undertaking actions and wait peacefully for the solutions to come in the right time. Therefore, optimism is also a good incentive for success and fortunes.