Photo is activity an essential part of happiness?

Is activity an essential part of happiness?


Man's portion is to toil in order to make a living. They have to act in many things to be able to deal with all the basic necessities of life, like food, clothes, drinking water, education, and other. In fact, "Life is a tide; float on it. Stay detached."

Such is the message of peace from Prem Rawat who is a peace ambassador. He is convinced that it is essential to find happiness in life despite its ups and downs. Why is it necessary to do an activity to stimulate happiness? What activity should be done to build satisfaction?

Is activity an essential part of happiness?

An activity to build serenity

To build serenity, it is helpful to start meditation or exercising your mind. There are many kinds of meditation strategies that can be used to reach the goal. It enables practitioners to have a high-strung spiritual life, which is also necessary to win the war against the aggressors.

In fact, enemies are doing their best to influence and dominate their opponent. Through daily practice, it is possible to succeed in becoming tranquil, conquer them, and reach happiness. 

  • The objective of meditation is to grow spiritually and to reinforce mind tranquility.
  • Enhancing Well-built spirituality, meditation empowers an individual to control their emotions
  • Their stable mind can focus on the idea of maintaining happiness for themselves and for the others.
  • With regular meditation, it is possible to remain keep calm and remain silent even in the most difficult times.

An activity to develop concentration

To activate your ability to concentrate, it is helpful to practice a physical exercise which enables you to coordinate your mind, your body and your limbs. Some of these activities require more energy, like aerobics or other fitness dancing exercises; while others can be done in a more relaxed and peaceful way.

If you opt for the first types, happiness derives from the thrill and excitement caused by the jumping and moving all around with the other participants. However, yoga is more relaxing, it can be done in nature, with much focus on your body and your mind. This activity can help find happiness because you will feel great energy after practice.

Activity to do good to humanity

It is mostly fascinating to do something for humanity. Many impoverished people are waiting that one day, they will be able to enjoy a happy life and have adequate food, warm blankets and soap to wash. Oppressed people need help to bring their case to justice and fight for their rights so that they will be free one day.

Child laborers and child brides are longing for their rights to have access to education and time to play. In brief, a lot is to be done to bring back their happiness.

The Prem Rawat Foundation or TPRF engages in humanitarian activities to contribute to the human good. If you want to volunteer in helping the most deprived people, it is advisable to do it through an association. Activities are organized if you are willing to participate in it.

The founder of the association is also in charge of imparting people with the culture of peace for global harmony. If you are willing to contribute to the effort to bring back the smile on the needy people's face, you can join such an association.