Photo Does creation bring us closer to happiness?

Does creation bring us closer to happiness?

Creation and happiness

PremRawat said, "Life is a tide; float on it. Be detached. Then it is not difficult." Such a message of peace reminds us that life is the creation of God, among all the other things that he created. Life is full of good and bad things; there are ups and downs, which may change our feelings from happiness into sadness.

If we look at God's creation, it seems as if they witness our life and want to do something for us. What is the importance of creation in our life? Does creation bring us closer to happiness? Is it necessary to connect to nature to feel contentment? Keep reading and find out the answer.

Does creation bring us closer to happiness?

Creation reveals God's glorious power

God's creation is magnificent that if we look at them, there is a feeling of peace within, we feel joyful at the sight of his creation, which reveals his mighty power and incomparable knowledge: 

  • The planet and the universe 
  • The sun and the moon
  • Stars and constellations
  • The wind, the snow and the rain
  • Rivers, lakes and oceans
  • hills, valleys, mountains, and big rocks
  • birds, fish, land animals and all other creatures
  • green leafy plants, vegetables and fruit trees
  • mankind and life

Creation leads to mind tranquility

When people set out for the journey to serenity and mind tranquility, it is common to get away from the noises and stress of city life, and go to the countryside. The countryside is where it is more peaceful, and where we can admire the hills and mountains, the green forests. If they do not go to the countryside, they may opt for the seaside or another area where they can swim or just walk in the water.

It is marvelous to see the colorful fish and other aquatic life of various species, shapes and colors. Apart from that, it is relaxing to listen to bird songs in their natural habitats; it is fascinating to see how they enjoy their freedom.

If we look at the larger animals like whales and bears, they all represent the indescribable power of the Creator. By observing the lush green landscape, and the clear blue reflection of the sky in the ocean, we have a feeling of immeasurable serenity and joy our deep within our heart.

Creation embodies peace

It is true that without courage, people will not dare spend a night outdoor in the mountain for fear of wild animals and insect bites. And even at daylight, fear still fills man's heart that they cannot enjoy the beauty of nature: fear of snakes, fear of mosquitoes, fear of wasps, or fear of the sun stroke. Therefore, they are far from thanking and praising the Creator who created such things to bring us closer to peace.

However, admiring the beauty of the creation reveals the awesome power of the Creator of the Earth and the Heavens. His creation reveals his glory; and such knowledge is enough to bring us closer to bliss, since it empowers us to believe in his ability to act for our good.

Creation brings us closer to true happiness

Quite often, practitioners choose to meditate near creation; they usually find a place in nature which ensures serenity; like a peaceful place near a river and a tree. They prefer to sit under the shade of the tree and listen to the soothing lullaby of the water. Similarly, religious people often choose to go on a spiritual retreat in the mountains where they can pray and praise the Creator among nature.

This justifies that creation has a certain potential to bring us closer to true happiness, and it enhances relationship with God. The main reason is not only does creation promote inner peace, but it can also boost spirituality, which will eventually ensure bliss.